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This year, I made both my kids join Creste Summer Camp and to be honest this was the best camp I ever came across..
In a span of 7 days they covered multiple activities which were super fun and engaging. My kids learned a lot of things that were creative and loved each day and brought amazing things home too.

Looking forward to the next season of Creste’s Super Amazing Camp.
Thanks, Nidhi and each one in the team..

Tulsi Agarwal

Tulsi Agarwal

Mother or Anika & Sharan Agarwal

Dear Creste, I want to take a moment to thank you for creating such a warm and welcoming learning environment for your students. My daughter Chaarvi has shared countless stories about your class, and we are grateful for the joy and enthusiasm you bring to teaching. In addition to these skills, summer camps provide students with a much needed get away from everyday studies. Summer camps are the most beautiful memories of school life as they involve new activities which in turn fill the young minds with vigour and enthusiasm.
Thank you

Chaarvi Malhan

Chaarvi Malhan

Mother of Preeti Malhan

Amyra had the best of time at the Creste Kids summer carnival. She interacted with so many other kids her age and performed various activities and experiments at the 9 day long event. Amyra did some fluid art, tie and dye on a t-shirt, decorated a glass photo frame and a fairy garden pot. She also did some amazing science experiments like making a lava lamp alongside textured art and learnt how to make a perfume! Pizza making session was a blast! They began each day with some yoga and ended with something informative on their plate. These workshops were class apart and you could see the efforts and detail put in each one of them. Amyra and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at the camp. Can’t wait to see what they bring in next!

Amandeep Arora

Amandeep Arora

Mother of Amyra Mehta
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