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This kit contains 6 engaging challenges for kids where they learn about ions and their behavior in different conditions.

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The Mysterious Ions & Experiments DIY Kit by Creste is for all those Science Enthusiastic who are Above the age of 10. Now, Let your Kids understand Science themselves instead of telling or teaching them them. These DIY Kits is designed to promote and encourage kids for S.T.E.A.M based-knowledge. With these Kit, let your kids develop there own Interests and Skills Naturally.

  • This Kit is for Kids who are Above the age of 10.
  • Perfect DIY Science Kit to introduce your Kid to the world of Science and Technology
  • Box includes the Brochure and Instructional Manual to carry out all experiments carefully and successfully + any kind of precautionary equipment is also included
  • Unleash the Scientist inside you and give yourself a break from those conventional Paper Drawings
  • Not only a Perfect Gifting option but also a Kit which can help the kids to study in play.