Next-Gen Heroes – Empowering Kids for Success

Isn’t it fascinating when you see child prodigies and real-life child heroes in action? With kids as young as 8 years giving philosophical predictions, doing scientific inventions, cracking codes and overachieving spectacularly in their lives all over the world, it has been proven time and again, that children when properly guided and motivated in the direction of some potentially skillful abilities can and will definitely progress in that field with remarkable results. Clinically proven by psychiatrists worldwide is also the fact that, the younger the mind, the better the training impact. The tender brain of young kids is like sponges just waiting to start absorbing as much as they possibly can. To hone and build your child’s higher potential and perceptive reasoning you can follow a couple of simples do’s and don’ts:

Empowering your Kid with Limitless Potential

  • Be a good role model for the child
  • Invest time and patience in the kid’s learning and grasping process
  • Think of new and different ways to impart practical teachings to the child
  • Try to encourage a routine into the kid’s day every day
  • Enroll the young genius into some extracurricular activities like sports, music, martial arts
  • Take the kid nature tripping
  • Expose the child to different possibilities and situations of life, making them mentally and physically tougher
  • Make the kid overcome fear, limitations, and doubts
  • Reinforce the child’s achievements and learnings with rewards, treats, praise, love, care, and admiration
  • Inculcate importance of being rooted in the life and hardworking plus honest
  • Educate the child in the values of deep relationships, spirituality, integrity, and higher consciousness 
  • Regularly pop quiz your kid on any miscellaneous topics like Disney, zoo, rain, etc. and keep an invisible scoreboard
  • Have little competitions with the kid just to push them to outdo you
  • Share secret code language or words with the kid

The power to create our next-gen heroes is in your hands as a responsible parent. You can choose to override your kid’s hidden talents and potential abilities or you can raise them and equip your child with so much knowledge and training that they excel in their future endeavors in that field. But do keep in mind that there are sometimes things you should avoid doing as well with children specially the ones who already have higher developed reasoning skills.

Things to Avoid with Smarter Kids

– Try not to push them over the edge; extracting talent and potential out of a very young child can be challenging, be patient.

– Avoid overfeeding the child with information, subject cramming; Rome wasn’t built in a day, all good things take time

– Be open and direct with smarter kids, though they are sensitive, they can take the heat.

– If the child, later on, starts to display lowered interest in a chosen field of learning, do not forcefully make the kid continue in that arena, just because you want it. It will only cause repetitive patterns of failure.

– Refrain from reprimanding the kid, instead, you can instill lessons of values in other practical manners.