All Things Bright And Small – Power To The Children!


As it cannot be said enough, children are undoubtedly the future…the next-gen. Every child has the innate hidden potential to be their own best version. The spark of talent, special abilities, interests, and other elusive developing traits the child may possess can very well be recognized, nurtured, and guided into that child’s future prospects of success. On the other hand, sadly many kids’ unseen talents remain unknown, instead, they are suppressed, and the child may be forced into other interests or curriculum that may perhaps not even be suited to the young learner’s upcoming adult personality.

How to Know If Your Kid’s Got Talent?

When the child constantly expresses the desire to spend more time outdoors

If the kid asks frequent curious questions

If he/she displays a lesser interest in their academic books but show keen appetite for other knowledge

When the child mingles less with other kids their age and prefers the company of grown-ups.

If the kid has a weird habit or they talk to themselves

When the child wants to voluntarily do chores and does it well.

Raise the Bar for Learning Kids

As a responsible and encouraging parent, you can help hone your young child’s hidden skills by firstly accepting it and then getting the right training and guidance in the particular field of interest. Here are a few helpful steps to consider when dealing with children with higher potentials.

  • Take time out to spend educating and listening to your kid.
  • Fill the child’s day with a productive metered routine.
  • Closely monitor the child’s moods, activities, and inclinations.
  • Encourage more intellectually engaging activities for them.
  • Don’t forget to treat them like kids, sometimes they can behave like adults!

The Grand Finale!

The aftermath of a well-guided and trained child is that the parents get to bask in the glory and pride of their young offspring’s success. There are many kids around the world who have been creating a huge stir for their developed higher intellect and powerful reasoning. Children like Malala Yousofzai, who at the tender age of 17 became the youngest Nobel laureate for her humanitarian hard work and Greta Thunberg when all of just 16, she gave a heart-wrenching speech at the U.N. Climate Summit becoming one of the youngest environmental activists worldwide. The fact of the matter remains, all children have some skills under the surface, and it only needs digging. So dig away as motivating and dutiful parents, uncover the magic of your child’s true potential.