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Creste’s motto is simple; Gifts, Giggle and Gang. We endeavor to gift the children with smiles, happiness, and each other’s encouragement

Creste, which is Romanian for ‘grow’, is a unique online kid’s platform to connect and empower young children with the required items and guidance they need to grow their skills in the area of their interest. It initiates independence and growth through various fun learning activities, lessons, kits, and media. All actions of the registered children are monitored online to give constant feedback to parents but more importantly to know which area of learning the child actually leans towards more. Ideated in May 2020, Creste may be new on the horizon but the founder, Nidhi Sethia, has been avidly instrumental in organizing kid’s workshops, large scale children’s events, and contributing immensely to the empowerment and happiness of children all over for over a decade now.

Our Vision

With primary and utmost focus on raising the bar for all kids to learn and have fun and grow in a kids-centric safe and guided community, where they can share their accomplishments. Creste aims to ensure more children have the chance to bring out the magic of their inborn potential withouthaving to depend on someone to help them in bits and pieces. Empowering a child with a sound and early training in the field of their skillful interests affirms their future success rate positively.

Our Mission

We endeavor to reach out to as many children as possible through Creste, spreading more cheer and fun learning opportunities to those kids who ordinarily wouldn’t get the chance to indulge in a particular hobby or ability. They will not have to wait or rely on a parent to get the required supplies etc. to practice the skill.

Our Values

Creste is all about nurturing and supporting children build their dreams and passion. In line with that, we maintain our core values of raising independence, inspiration and above all an attitude of happiness in children. Happy kids perform better and are more productive overall.

The idea came to her when she received a delivery with a box full of surprise items too, along with her order. She felt that glee and excitement of getting that gift which her daughters also eyed. This made her realize that kids don’t get such surprises in the boxes. Hence Creste came into light with its novel motto to gift every child the power to fulfill their passions.


Nidhi Sethia, a young mother of two, has successfully authored 5 craft books for children, which are currently being used in various recognized schools syllabus. She has actively held children’s camps in urban as well as rural areas focusing on young kid’s fitness, hobbies, nutrition, mental wellness and most essentially spreading smiles and happiness. With that dedication and experience, Nidhi founded Creste with her great love and passion for children encompassing the main focus on helping all kids to get that chance they deserve to shine and excel.

This kids-centric platform has been initiated with the primary intention of making children more independent, smarter, happier and self-building. Creste has five avenues here through which we raise interesting opportunities and means for your child to project their inner skills and hobbies.


Our first area of engagement is the Competitions Section, where the child gets to participate in different engaging skillful competitions ranging from easy levels to hard. There are innumerable prizes for all the member children and participants.


The second engagement place we have is the Kids Crew – here the kids get to upload videos and photos about their hobbies and talents for example grow your own food. We have special features like ‘celebrate’, applaud, and others to equip children to react and connect with one another. All kids enrolled get celebrated and are visible.


The next path Creste has for the young child is our Let’s Chat section where the kid can communicate with other likeminded children (all activities of kids are monitored), make friends, they can chat and like, post their views, etc. but no groups are allowed.

The place where kids can come get inspired and informed is our Kids with Swag corner – A place where we share inspirational stories about real-life child prodigies, little genius heroes. Children can watch other fun and motivating things that will make them happy and urge them to be self-driven.


The Ask Me Anything Page, where kids can ask anything or talk about anything, which will be monitored and informed to the parents. The kids learn through their own curiosity and choose what categories they would like to glimpse at.


How We Do This?


Hopping on the band wagon of Creste is easy; you just need to register your kid/kids using the sign- up button. Choose a
membership plan for your young one. Create their account and let their fun and learning begin.

Creste regularly sends your child relevant fun kits based on the chosen hobby for the month. The child can change their choice at any time which will also change the items we send them for practicing that skill. Our kits are packed with goodies, gifts, surprises, and of course the chosen activity items.

Disclaimer – Creste does not encourage or impart any content/items based on religious or spiritual categories. We do not post any politically related content either. We are purely a children’s development and learning website. We believe in gender equality and fervently support non- discrimination; all children have the spark of potential, they all deserve the chance to shine!


We work round the clock and regularly brainstorm for new ways to engage and motivate young children to try out new skill-based hobbies and interests. We at Creste are all driven by our kids- centric motto; to nurture as many children to grow their inner skills and abilities and be more self- confident and winning performers. Every team member is a seasoned expert in their role and extremely passionate about our goals of spreading smiles and happiness to as many kids as possible. As our strength of little members grows so will our team. We hope to grow together!

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