8 Tips for Growing the Magic of Potential in Kids


One can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree; children possess their developing skill traits from a very young age but a vast number of children miss out on honing those abilities since they themselves are too immature to direct and grow their interests onto the progressive road of the future. Therefore the responsibility of doing this falls upon the parents of the child, who must be completely attentive and motivating enough to push the kid to his/her full potential. Let’s take a look at some small things you can do to encourage your wiz-kids brilliance…

Try This

1. Be available for your child to start with
2. Inculcate work-play balance from as early as possible
3. Educate them on the importance and benefits of hard work
4. Open them up to the world through travels – explorative learning
5. Discourage too much media exposure i.e. TV, mobile phone, FM, internet
6. Encourage the child to be more independent and sensible
7. Monitor their overall health with a focus on fitness
8. Expose the kid to different experiences; challenging and not monotonous

Creating the Right Agenda for Your Child

The journey of the young learner begins when they are a baby, then a toddler, a school kid, and then a teen. The formative years are the most impactful of all during an individual’s life span, which is why engaging your child in daily active lessons and practical learning methodology is a must. Children with a higher reasoning and potential are usually more sensitive too and also comprehend situations in ways unlike others would normally, hence don’t shy away from being open and honest with them about things. There are several ways to ensure the child gets that required exposure and inspiration to bring out their hidden skills as well as abilities without hampering their academics.

  • Enroll the kid in some sports/athletic training
  • Encourage the child to know nature more
  • Instigate the young one to read more books or you can read to them too
  • The kid needs recreational time which is also essential for their mental and physical wellness, let them play like usual children.
  • Acquaint them with various genres of music and arts – music is said to stimulate 100% of the
  • Make them feel duly involved in important matters

Every child has that magic of potential in them just waiting to be unearthed! And after all which parent
wouldn’t want to see their kid reeking of skillful potential like a 12-year-old chess grandmaster
Praggnanandhaa? Come forward and give your child the future they deserve.